Watch This Adorable Golden Retriever Bring a Bewildered Baby Goose Back to Her Human

golden retriever gently places gooseling on edge of pond after retrieving him from the other side

golden retriever carefully places gooseling on edge of pond right after retrieving him from the other facet

Courtesy of thiccccboysonly / TikTok

Some matters are just animal nature: Lions gonna hunt, birds gonna fly. And golden retrievers? Oh you know they’re gonna retrieve. That delivers us to modern TikTok of Violet, courtesy of user @thicccboysonly. She’s a incredibly fantastic goldie who exhibits the two most vital golden retriever qualities: She loves everything and she’s likely to Convey You Stuff.

In this situation, the stuff she’s retrieving is a really puzzled newborn goose, held in her mouth when Violet paddles her way via a pond, again to her incredulous human.

“Violet, are you for real right now?” asks the voice behind the digital camera, as the incredibly moist, really sweet-faced Violet helps make it distinct that indeed, she is pretty substantially for authentic proper now and has a little one goose to prove it.

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The moment she reaches the edge of the pond, Violet sites her big paws on the concrete edge as her human admonishes her to “drop the duck.” Violet sweetly obliges, giving the newborn a nose boop on the head for very good evaluate, all even though a (presumably) parent goose honks in the qualifications. Contented with a work nicely carried out, Violet dips back again into the pond and swims away as the online video finishes.

The lovely movie of Violet remaining the very best pet dog she can be has been viewed 5.1 million instances on TikTok, with just above 650,000 likes and just about 4,000 comments, most of which commend Violet on her excellent retrieving method and gentle mouth.

Golden retrievers, as their identify implies, were bred particularly to deliver game—especially waterfowl—back to their folks, and that “delicate mouth” procedure is essential because it ensures that the dog’s tooth never trigger damage to pelts or feathers hunters worth.

But worry not, goose enthusiasts! As Violet’s mother displays us in a adhere to-up video clip, the newborn goose seems unharmed, if a little bit bewildered:

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Again on dry land, Violet techniques the baby from off digital camera, only to be turned away by her human with a “again up, huh uh.”

Sorry, Violet. I guess not every single infant animal can be your pal.

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