How to Conceive a Baby Girl – Advice to Conceive a Girl


How to conceive a baby girl is not a guarantee naturally. There are high chances of having a baby girl than a baby boy, at least to most people. Statistically speaking, There are many girls born than boys. In some cases, Some couples tend to have only boys and that’s when they decide to try to see if there is a way they can have a daughter. This is not the only reason, typically, men express a preference for a son and most women have a greater desire for a daughter. It is also common to be vise versa but whatever reason you have to justify your preference, There is nothing wrong dreaming of having a child of a certain gender.

Today we will look at one way that you can use as parents to increase the chances of having a baby girl. The PH level of a woman’s productive organ can determine the sex of the baby during or after making love. Here are some two facts that I want you to understand:

  1. If a woman’s vaginal PH level is more acidic, A large number of the Y chromosomes responsible for the conception of a boy can be killed. The Y chromosomes don’t find an environment that is more acidic to be conducive for them while the X chromosomes do. In this case, A woman will be most likely to have a baby girl.
  2. If her Ph level inside the reproductive system or around the vagina is more alkaline, She is more likely to have a baby boy. This is because high alkaline Ph levels provide a non-conducive environment for them for the X chromosomes.

These two factors are very important to put into consideration if you are trying to have a baby girl. So you must make sure that the woman’s vaginal area is more acidic to increase the chances of having a baby girl. You have to look for a way to measure your Ph levels and tell what Ph level you have and this is the simplest part.  Minor diet adjustments for a woman can increase the Ph level’s acidity. Just one more mistake can lead into a disappointment. Get some more helpful tips by visiting how to conceive a baby girl [].

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