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Air Fryer Mac and Cheese (Yes, You Can!)

If you’ve ever wondered about making mac and cheese in the air fryer, it can be done! In fact, Air Fryer mac and cheese is actually super easy to make!

You can make a delicious, baked macaroni in less than 30 minutes with the air fryer! That makes it a great side dish option!

Scroll down to the bottom for a printable recipe card or continue reading for complete instructions along with tips and tricks!


If you have an air fryer with a basket, I’m sure your first question is how you could ever make air fried mac and cheese in a basket with holes. So let me answer that question first!

The solution is — an air fryer pan!

You can see the pan in the photo below.

If you haven’t tried any accessories for your air fryer, I highly recommend getting some. Click

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