When does a bruise on an infant or young child signal abuse? New screening tool could improve earlier recognition of abuse in young children with bruising — ScienceDaily

Bruising prompted by bodily abuse is the most typical harm to be neglected or misdiagnosed as non-abusive just before an abuse-relevant fatality or close to-fatality in a young child. A refined and validated bruising scientific decision rule (BCDR), referred to as Ten-four-FACESp, which specifies physique regions on which bruising is very likely due to abuse for infants and young kids, might make improvements to earlier recognition of situations that ought to be even further evaluated for child abuse. Conclusions have been revealed in the journal JAMA Network Open.

“Bruising on a young child is generally dismissed as a small harm, but depending on where by the bruise seems, it can be an early indication of child abuse,” said lead writer Mary Clyde Pierce, MD, a pediatric emergency medicine doctor and the Analysis Director for the Division of Little one Abuse Pediatrics at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Medical

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