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12 Ways People Say Their Anxiety Has Changed During 2020

This year has examined our collective mental health again and again — from fears over the coronavirus to the isolating consequences of social distancing, the reckoning on racial injustice, economic struggles, normal disasters and a contentious presidential election just months away.

With all which is absent on, even folks who may perhaps have never struggled with mental health issues like anxiety before are dealing with them now. But what about those who have lived with an anxiety ailment for a long time, very long before 2020 took its toll?

While quite a few folks with pre-present anxiety report their signs or symptoms have worsened in 2020, there is also a subset who say they’ve been significantly less nervous. For some, it’s because they truly feel geared up to take care of the present instant, thanks to all the time and effort and hard work they’ve set into doing the job

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