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The New ‘Historical’ American Girl Doll Is From The 1980s

Get ready to sense aged. American Lady introduced its hottest “historical character,” and she’s from … the nineteen eighties.

On Tuesday, the brand name unveiled Courtney Moore, “a complete ’80s female who’s transforming the video game to locate her inner hero.” Courtney joins an illustrious line of historic figures from American Lady, like Edwardian-period Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman from the time of the Groundbreaking War, and civil rights activist Melody Ellison.

Courtney dreams of creating new video games.&nbsp

Courtney desires of creating new video clip video games. 

According to the press release, Courtney’s tale takes area in 1986 and “reflects the pop tradition of the decade from sky-higher hair, neon-coloured fashions, songs television, and video clip gaming to significant historic times encompassing females in authorities and space exploration, as effectively as greater cultural shifts close to blended people and emerging technological innovation.”

Courtney is just one of the prime-scoring PAC-Man players at her regional arcade

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