Home Based Working Mothers – Get The Three Way Balance Right In Your Home Based Business


Home business owners come in every age, nationality and description you can imagine. It is easy to run a home business as a part-time occupation and this makes home business ownership attractive to all sorts of people, both male and female, from students to senior citizens. However, the largest category within this varied group is made up of women, in particular stay at home mothers who are caring for young children. There are stay at home dads in evidence amongst home business owners but they are hugely outnumbered by the ranks of stay at home moms.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this predominance of stay at home moms running their own home businesses is due to the fact that most women want to bring up their children themselves but also need to work at least part-time in order to supplement the family budget. Instead of reluctantly handing the care of their precious children over to strangers, these home based working mothers have found ways to combine childcare and working for a living and are doing it under their very own roofs.

Working from home while bringing up their children is the perfect dream scene to many working mothers and that dream can be turned into reality, but it doesn’t just happen, it takes careful planning and organisation. If unrealistic goals are set or organisation is lax, the perfect dream can rapidly deteriorate into a nightmare scenario. Then the mother/home business owner, instead of having the best of both worlds, ends up harassed and frustrated and regretting her decision to start a home business.

The key to making a success of a home business and, at the same time, giving your children the attention they need, lies in planning which takes into account three elements. These elements are the needs of the child, the requirements of the business, and the needs of the mother. Many work at home mothers make provisions for the first two elements but don’t factor in their own needs. In order to achieve a perfect balance it is essential that the mother, when planning her daily routine, recognises her own limitations as a human being and does not try to work to a schedule that would stress even Superwoman.

Looking after young children is stressful in itself, it is the biggest responsibility any of us can ever take on. Running a business can be stressful, particularly when you first start the venture. Add on the fact that most mothers put themselves last in any consideration and the danger will be obvious. To succeed, indeed in order to survive, any mother of young children who is thinking of starting a home based business must make a realistic assessment of her personality and abilities right at the start. This will enable her to choose the right business, set achievable goals and to formulate a sensible daily schedule.

If the work at home mom feels confident and able to cope with her dual roles as a home business owner and mother, she will be relaxed and happy. The children will pick up on their mother’s mood and, in turn, they will feel secure and happy. A happy frame of mind and a relaxed atmosphere will make children (even from early toddler stage) more inclined to be co-operative and to play independently while their mother gets on with her work. If children don’t feel they have to compete with mom’s business to get her attention, they won’t feel the need to behave in a nagging, demanding way: just knowing mom is there will be enough for them.

If the mother feels she is doing her best for her children as well as her business, she won’t be burdened with the negativity caused by feelings of guilt. Get the three way balance right and being a work at home mom will be just as you dreamed it should be.

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