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Negligence and the baby formula shortage; MI Supreme Court rules on LGBTQ protections

David Leins

Abbott Nutrition’s generation facility in Sturgis, MI was a single of the primary will cause of the infant system shortage we saw before this year. Now, investigators and reporters are learning how dreadful production techniques had been primary up to the recall and subsequent scarcity.

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In this episode:

  • Detroit Information reporter Kayla Ruble on Abbott Nutrition’s procedures at its baby formula creation facility in Sturgis, MI
  • Michigan’s Supreme Courtroom suggests sexual orientation is shielded underneath the Elliott-Larson Civil Legal rights Act
  • Detroit bolsters absentee ballot counting ability in planning for August key
  • Flint Drinking water Disaster trial updates

The Detroit News’ Kayle Ruble, author of the latest story “How a stun gun incident at Abbott’s Michigan plant led to a nationwide newborn formula recall,” suggests Abbott’s plant

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