4 Reasons Stovetop Popcorn Will Always Be Better Than Microwaved


The moment you check out creating popcorn on the stovetop, it’s really hard to go again to the microwaved stuff. The moment you obtain out how rapidly, uncomplicated and very inexpensive it can be to make, it will turn into your go-to dish for neighborhood potlucks, wine-fueled e-book golf equipment, happy hrs in the backyard, kids’ (and grownups’) birthday get-togethers and much more.

In this article are four strong motives why stovetop is the way to go:

one. You’re anxious about substances in your foodstuff

Microwave popcorn has been all-around since the early ’80s, and although it’s still ubiquitous in dorms and business split rooms everywhere, numerous people today carry on to voice issues about the substances floating all-around in individuals packets. Makers did stop employing the harmful chemical diacetyl again in 2007, but there still are troublesome substances in the packaging by itself, since many include the “forever chemical” perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Tasha Stoiber, senior scientist at the nonprofit Environmental Functioning Team, instructed HuffPost: “PFAS is used to make the popcorn bag grease-resistant so oils and grease never leak through it. When the popcorn bag is heated, the PFAS from the bag can get transferred to the oils on the popcorn, and then gets into your human body when you take in it.” That is specially concerning since, in addition to affecting the immune procedure and a number of other organs and functions, PFAS can decrease the performance of vaccines.

“Microwave popcorn could also include the preservative TBHQ, which need to be prevented because of to its opportunity to damage the immune procedure,” Stoiber mentioned. “If you’re having techniques to steer clear of PFAS in foodstuff, that need to include preventing microwave popcorn.” The takeaway? 1 of the ideal matters about stovetop popcorn is that you can be certain that the only matters in each individual batch will be popcorn, oil and probably a minor bit of salt.

2. Stovetop can make two times as considerably in half the time

When microwave popcorn has been marketed all-around the notion of pace and advantage, the point is that stovetop popcorn tends to make about two times as considerably popcorn in about half the time.

“You can make six quarts of excellent-tasting popcorn in just three minutes,” Dani Paluchniak, president of Wabash Valley Farms, maker of the Whirley Pop stovetop popcorn popper, instructed HuffPost. “All you require to do is place one/2 cup popcorn kernels and one to 3 tablespoons of oil in the popper, then spot it on medium warmth. Turn the crank bit by bit, and in about three minutes, when the audio of popping stops or the deal with will become really hard to flip, you’re carried out.” Check out out this online video of Paluchniak giving a demonstration.

To make stovetop popcorn in a much more common pot, it can take a minor bit more time ― about 10 minutes. You will require a weighty-bottomed pot (with a lid!) and 2 tablespoons oil for each individual one/2 cup of popcorn kernels. Get the entire established of instructions from blogger and popcorn fanatic Cookie + Kate.

3. You appreciate to personalize it just the way you like it

Probably you think melted white chocolate tends to make each individual salty snack far better. Or probably you want to see what transpires to M&Ms when you fall them into a scorching popper of freshly popped corn (FYI, it’s magical). Like the tang of sharp cheese? Toss it on. Just wait until finally your batch has finished popping, add any elements or seasonings you want, then give the crank a couple of vigorous turns. Stand again and wait for the form of adoring praise that a bag of microwave popcorn never earns.

four. You want to minimize again on your foodstuff squander and carbon footprint

Microwave popcorn inevitably has a number of unpopped kernels. That is not so with the stovetop method, many thanks to its even distribution of warmth.

“When we go to trade reveals and do demonstrations, people today are always impressed when the popped corn is poured into a bowl — and each individual solitary kernel has popped,” Paluchniak mentioned. And stovetop popcorn leftovers preserve for a few days, so you can decrease foodstuff squander even further by employing it for the upcoming day’s lunch as a crunchy crouton for soups or salads. Last but not least, when you contemplate how numerous batches of popcorn you’ll get from a single modest bag of kernels, the carbon footprint of the other stuff earns is an eco-thumbs-down.

The applications you require to make stovetop popcorn

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Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper

Whirley Pop

A medium-sized saucepan (for common quantities of popcorn)


A huge inventory pot, for wh
en you want to make hundreds of popcorn


Fireworks Popcorn


Kernel Season’s


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