Effective Tips That Will Help You With Getting Pregnant With A Baby Boy


Are you looking forward to getting pregnant with a baby boy anytime soon? Then, you and your partner are one of the many couples all over the world who are exerting efforts to plan their families out well so that they can make their home as healthy as possible. Planning pregnancy is an excellent proof that you are taking the responsibility of making sure that your family will be healthy one. In here, I will be showing you three goods tips about conceiving a baby boy so if you want to make your efforts really accurate, then read carefully.

The first tip that will help you with getting pregnant with a baby boy is drink coffee. This tip is basically advised for men only. Are you wondering about the reason behind this weird advice? Then, read on. Studies have shown that drinking coffee will allow men to give their sperm cells a boost by providing them with an extra amount of strength so that they can increase their speeds. Through this, they will have a greater chance to reach the ovum or egg cell. How does coffee make this possible? Well, as to the reason that the sperm cells responsible for conceiving a baby boy are those that have a greater ability to swim much faster as compared to those that produce baby girls, giving them an extra boost will allow them to have a greater advantage over the latter. Male sperm cells swim much faster because of their low resistance against the acidic environment of the reproductive system of women. When men drink coffee, they allow the male sperm to swim even faster so that they can be exposed even lesser to the acidic discharge of the cervix. The lesser they get exposed to the latter, the greater their chances of surviving and reaching the egg cell.

Another useful tip on how to get pregnant easy with a baby boy that men can use would be using or wearing boxer shorts. The principle behind this tip is that temperature is an important factor when it comes to sperm count. A high temperature basically kills sperm cells. If a man has low sperm count, he has a small chance of impregnating a woman. Boxer shorts have a lesser amount of contact with the male genitalia, which prevents an increase in temperature in the area. Studies have shown that the number of Y sperm cells and X sperm cells released is of equal amount. This means that if you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant, you need to increase your sperm count. When you do so, you can increase your stock of Y sperm cells and in turn increase your chances of having a baby boy.

Let us move on to a tip that women can use. A good tip that women can carry out so that they can conceive a boy would be diet regulation. The different foods that women eat have a huge effect on the pH level of their bodies. As I have stated awhile ago, the male reproductive cells responsible for producing boys have a low resistance against acids. Based on this fact, you need to consume foods that will allow you to make your body more alkaline so that you can favor the latter and get the baby that you want. Some of the alkaline foods that you can place in your diet list include lettuce, almonds, chestnuts, broccoli, and strawberries.

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