Day: November 8, 2021

For Trans And Nonbinary People, The Pandemic Provided A Safe Space To Come Out

For Daphne Jansen, a 38-year-old trans woman from Colorado, the pandemic and life in lockdown had one silver lining: It was an ideal time to come out.

“It was actually the perfect time,” Jansen told HuffPost. “I wanted nothing more than to hide, or at least be very selective about who saw me and when.”

It took Jansen over a year to come out fully. She came out to her therapist in January 2020, to her partner at the time in March, to her daughter in April, to her family in June, publicly to her friends in September and finally at work in April 2021.

Prior to COVID-19, Jansen said she held back in claiming her gender for years because she “was ashamed about my feelings and had often held transition as a last resort before giving up on life.”

Lockdown gave her time to really reflect on whether that

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