Day: November 18, 2021

Making the wait less arduous for toddlers: Developmental psychology — ScienceDaily

When toddlers have to wait, it often leads to negative affect, as they can’t yet regulate their emotions. Psychologists set out to find out how to help them. Is temperament a factor that influences toddler behavior while waiting? Whom can children imitate in order to cope better with long waits? They concluded that, left to their own devices, children prefer activities which correspond to their temperament. Toddlers were able to learn to distract themselves by observing a stranger and generalized the observed behavior.

How to help your children

When their mother wants to finish typing an email or their father is on the phone, toddlers can get restless very quickly: at this age, waiting is not something they are good at. How can parents teach their children to cope better with such waiting situations? This question was the starting point for the study that involved 96 toddlers aged two and

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