Month: November 2021

COVID Omicron Variant: Everything You Need To Know Right Now

Uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertainty — that’s the message infectious disease specialists are spreading about the new variant named omicron that was recently identified in South Africa.

The World Health Organization designated omicron as a variant of concern on Friday and followed up Monday with a risk assessment stating that a high number of mutations located within the spike protein may make the variant more transmissible and immune-evading.

But the key word there is “may.” The WHO also emphasized that there are many uncertainties about omicron and we don’t yet know if or how the variant could impact the course of the pandemic.

Though a large number of mutations could certainly make the variant more problematic — hence the reason for all the hype — it’s also plausible that they won’t have a meaningful impact on our vaccines or therapeutics.

This is a time of tremendous uncertainty, but we will know more

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