Day: April 4, 2021

How To Help Multiracial Kids Embrace The Different Sides Of Their Family

At Holly Matuszak’s property in Toledo, Ohio, the Pixar movie “Coco” is in significant rotation.

It is no surprise, given that Matuszak has a 6-yr-old daughter and a 1-yr-old son.

But the animated movie, which celebrates Mexican tradition and history, retains unique significance for the family members: Matuszak’s daughter is combined: Her father is Mexican and her mother’s track record is white European. She enjoys the movie now, but that wasn’t usually the case.

“When she was 3, she cried about looking at ‘Coco’ and not wanting to be Mexican,” Matuszak, a registered nurse case supervisor, explained to HuffPost.

“Her father and I equally explained, in toddler conditions, how unique it is to have various parts that make you total and how awesome it is to have mothers and fathers who grew up in various nations,” she claimed.

Matuszak and her now-ex did and nevertheless do anything probable to immerse

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