Dropping The Bottle And Transitioning To A Sippy Cup


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Just when you and your small one were being starting up to get accustomed to bottles, it is time to start off transitioning to a sippy cup. Bottles might have seemed like this sort of a ache at initial with obtaining the proper one for your small one, all the day by day washing, and the unappealing drying racks on your counter, but now, they appear pretty very simple with the repetitive apply you have gotten over the final various months. On the other hand, now it is time for but another changeover. Transitioning to a sippy cup can go really nicely and might not be as bad as you believe. Everyday Mother is in this article to support you with suggestions on what you can do to support your small one ease into this new concept of drinking.

What is a sippy cup?

Sippy cups support to prepare your kid on how to drink from a cup with small to no spilling. Sippy cups ordinarily are designed from plastic and have snap or screw-on lids. There are a ton of alternatives for sippy cups, colours and models, handles or no handles, and even diverse kinds of spouts. There is no proper or incorrect way to pick out a sippy cup and you might need to have to try out out a pair diverse versions and manufacturers to see which one your little one likes finest! Consider of working with sippy cups as serving to your small with their feeling of independence whilst also maintaining the spills and messes to a minimum for mama!

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Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

Why changeover to a sippy cup?

Let’s start off with why your little one should be transitioning to a sippy cup. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends weaning your kid from the bottle ahead of 18 months of age. Extended use of the bottle after 18 months of age can guide to issues this sort of as cavities and tooth decay and might also be contributing to them drinking extra than they really need to have. Child bottle tooth decay is a authentic point and is triggered by prolonged-term, recurrent exposure to sugary liquids this sort of as fruit juices, formula, milk, and many others. whilst working with a bottle.

Getting your little one off the bottle can be instrumental in healthful gum and tooth expansion! Some of you could could be gasping proper now simply because probably your little one is over 18 months and nonetheless working with a bottle or you know how securely connected your sweet little one might be to his/her bottle. Really don’t freak! We are heading to support you with some suggestions on transitioning to a sippy cup

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When should my little one be transitioning to a sippy cup?

There is no specific age or milestone that your small one demands to strike to establish when to start off working with a sippy cup, but if they are over 18 thirty day period start off transitioning now. The introduction age can start off as early as six months, however they might not have the ability or coordination to master the sippy cup just but. A great idea would be to start off phasing in the sippy cup early on to support them get applied to that form of cup at snack or food time. Really don’t anxiety if they do not just take to this new international item quickly. It is heading to just take day by day exposure for them to get applied to possessing this cup as portion of their regimen.

Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

How to changeover to a sippy cup

How to changeover to a sippy cup is not heading to be excellent and it might come to feel frustrating based on how your small one does. Consider of transitioning to a sippy cup as possessing a behavior, you can get rid of the bottles cold turkey, or slowly ease into no bottles by weaning them out. Regardless of what solution you pick out, abide by by is heading to be important in how nicely this could or could not go. Let’s discuss by how every of these scenarios could get the job done for you.

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Cold Turkey Transitioning – Poof and they are gone! Is it really that simple? Certainly, it is really that simple to eradicate the bottles. The difficult portion is heading to be sticking to your guns and not caving when your small one refuses to drink out of the sippy cup, throws it across the space or begins throwing fits when their bottle is no extended portion of their working day to working day regimen. The over-all idea is that your kid will start off to comprehend that the sippy cup is their new way to get milk. Your behavior demands to stay dependable and provide the cup at all meals and treats. It make just take a pair days to get them applied to no bottle, but you could be suprised how rapidly your small one catches on!

Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

Gradual Transitioning – For some mothers and dads cold turkey transitioning could sound certainly terrifying. Transitioning to a sippy cup slowly could get the job done out far better for your family being aware of how connected your small one is to their bottle and the day by day bottle regimen. To slowly changeover implies to gradually swap out day by day bottles with their new sippy cup.

Begin with the mid-working day bottles initial. Some professionals and parents agree this is ordinarily the best put to start off and could give you extra achievement. Each individual couple days or once a 7 days get rid of a bottle right until at some point all your kid is working with are their sippy cups. The night time bottle should be the final to go simply because for a good deal of toddlers this is portion of their bedtime regimen and presents ease and comfort for them as they head off to mattress. Regardless of what you do, DO NOT permit your kid just take their sippy cup to mattress. The pooling of liquids in their mouth overnight can guide to tooth decay.

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How Lengthy Will Transitioning To A Sippy Cup Acquire?

It would be awesome if there was a magic amount on how numerous days, months or months it would just take transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup. Regretably, this is heading to appear diverse for each kid based on what process is applied to wean your little one from their bottle. You might need to have to try out a pair diverse sippy cups and try out experimenting with your elimination ways in buy to get it proper. Just like each other parenting choice, transitioning to a sippy cup is up to you on which strategy you try out. Just don’t forget, accomplishing so ahead of 18 months of age is finest and will make your lifestyle much easier in the prolonged run.

Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

Transitioning to a sippy cup is a milestone for your small one and should be celebrated. Like numerous other parenting selections, this could be a trial and error procedure. It might not be simple to come to a decision how you are heading to strategy this subject, but at the stop of the working day, subsequent by on whatever you come to a decision is heading to be important in how nicely this goes. So set on your celebration hat and enjoyable tunes and get fired up that your little one is rising up!

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Dropping The Bottle And Transitioning To A Sippy Cup
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