15 New Shoes For Back To School & Work The Family Will Love


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Shoes for back to school are always a necessity. Whether you are in search of the perfect pair of athletic shoes, soft soles for your preschool-age toddler, or uniform-compliant kicks, there is something here for everyone that both parents and children will approve of. So often our kids love to express themselves and their style through their shoes (and crazy socks) so what better way to allow them to do so than to choose shoes for back to school they love. Plus, when buying shoes for back to school you are likely to hit get some of the best deals of the year whether purchasing one pair or grabbing an extra pair for weekends or in the next size up. We all know how fast those little feet grow so check out the best shoes for back to school this year!

Children’s Shoes for Back to School

Billy Footwear

Daily Mom Parent Portal BTS Billy Footwear Navy Kids 2 shoes for back to school

After a year of distant/virtual/remote/hybrid/pandemic learning, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for the kids to go back to school this fall. One of our favorite parts of getting ready for school is buying new shoes for back to school. Considering that these kids only want to wear Billy Footwear shoes and they have to be in uniform, the decision is quite simple: Navy Zip-Up WDR High Tops for the win!

Available in both toddler and kid sizing, the WDR style is a universal design that accommodates a lot of special needs (including kids with sensory issues, kids who struggle to tie their shoes, and kids with AFOs) by incorporating zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely. No more Velcro. No more stuffing your feet into shoes. Just easy and comfortable, and perfect if your child attends a school with a dress-code requirement.

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Beyond the classroom, our kids still love wearing Billy shoes. The Kids Unicorn Metallic High Tops are perfect for our sparkly, unicorn-loving girl that wants to look like a “teenager.” Meanwhile, our boy wants to look just like his dad, so he prefers a pair of Toddler Black to Floor Canvas High-Tops. Not only do these shoes allow our kids to dance, run, jump and do whatever else kids do, but they’re also super cute and comfortable!

Billy’s innovative FlipTop™ technology (featured in every pair of shoes featured today) gives kids a fun and easy way to put on and take off their shoes. Once you’ve got the fit right with the laces, double-knot it, then use the zipper system to get in and out. If something doesn’t fit right (like those unruly socks that just keep bunching up or that piece of mulch that happened to sneak in), just unzip the shoes to correct the problem. With well-cushioned, removable footbed inserts, and flexible outsoles, these shoes for back to school are built for all-day-play and we love them!

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Navy Zip-Up WDR High Tops | Kids Unicorn Metallic High Tops | Toddler Black to Floor Canvas High-Tops
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Shoes 16 shoes for back to school

Little feet are always growing and our children’s health and development, especially when it comes to their tiny tootsies, is of the utmost importance. Pediped knows this and all of their shoes promote healthy growth giving your child’s feet the proper support, cushioning, and room to grow. With a variety of selections from birth to big kids, pediped’s Originals, grip ‘n go, and Flex lines all offer the most natural fit, flexible outsoles, and extended length of wear. As pediped states, they are the “next best thing to bare feet”.

The Flex Logan is the perfect sneaker boot for older children heading off to elementary school this fall. Featuring an all-natural rubber outsole for traction, faux laces, and a hook and loop closure, and a soft breathable lining as well as a durable exterior, this sneaker boot can go from the playground to the hiking trails with ease. With pediped’s signature Flex Fit System ™ allows you to adjust the size and the foot of the shoe to accommodate your growing child. The Logan is available in Rasberry and Navy.

The perfect uniform shoe, the new Flex Justice in Black features an exterior leather upper with a flexible rubber outsole, faux laces, and a hook and loop closure. Easy for kids to get on and off and perfect for both the playground and the classroom, your child will be on the go all day with these awesome athletic shoes. Available in black, grey/navy, and navy/orange.

If you are looking for a more casual style in a sneaker, the Flex Gehrig Surf has got you covered. Featuring a more on-trend style with double velcro closure, these sneakers feature a breathable mesh lining and a flexible rubber outsole. With a microfiber suede upper, these casual kicks pair perfectly with jeans or khakis and are available in 5 different colors.

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