Woman Refuses To Care For Disabled Mother After She Bought Sister Tesla


Dad and mom displaying favoritism among young children is, sad to say, not unusual.

One woman who felt her mother was not showing her the very same enjoy as her sister was obtaining made a decision she had plenty of and she refused to take treatment of her disabled mother.

A girl shared her tale on Reddit’s AITA (r/AmItheA–gap) thread and requested web users for their thoughts. 

The woman’s mother bought her sister a $100k Tesla.

The girl stated that she had been caring for her disabled mother who was bedridden.

She admitted that her mom gets assistance from workers for her own cleanliness, but the lady will help with other items these types of as taking treatment of the home, cooking and any economical problems.

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One working day, she was checking her mother’s again accounts and discovered that practically $100k was missing.

She wrote, “On further inspection, the cash was despatched to my sister. I asked my sister about it, and she explained to me our mom gifted it to her to purchase a extremely specced Tesla.”

The woman’s mother has proven favoritism in direction of her sister just before.

She wrote in her article that this was not the very first time a little something like this experienced transpired — her mom would always give her sister preferential therapy more than her. 

Over the past few of a long time, her mom experienced been giving her sister very similar items that value up to $100k.

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