Tips to Calm the Parent of an Injured Child


It is rather common for children to hurt themselves while they are at school. They might take a tumble in gym class or hurt themselves while they are out playing at recess. In all cases the parents will need to be notified, but is important to remain calm and make sure that the parent stays calm when they find out that their child has been injured. The following tips will help teachers deal with notifying a parent that their child has been injured at school.

1. When dealing with children, the first step is to be prepared for an accident or injury before it ever happens. Make sure you have contact information readily available so that a parent can be notified as soon as an accident happens. Make sure your emergency files are up to date.

2. If your class is outside at recess or on a field trip, use teacher lanyards for carrying contact information. A class roster with parents’ names and numbers can be folded and kept in a clear plastic name badge when away from the classroom. This will prevent you from having to return to the classroom for contact information. You place a call from the nearest phone.

3. When you call the parent speak calmly. If the injury is minor, start off by reassuring them that their child is fine and that there was a minor accident at school. Explain to the parent what happened to cause the accident and tell them what was done to treat the child. Were they bandaged? Taken to the school nurse?

4. Clearly explain the extent of the injury and let them know whether or not the child needs to be picked up from school. If the child will stay at school, clearly explain the extent of the injury and let the parents know what to expect when they pick up their child at the end of the day. Do you think there will be a scab? A bruise?

5. Do not lie to the parents. If an accident is serious give them as much information as possible and let them know who is overseeing the child’s care. Offer to have the school nurse speak to the parent and let the parent know where the child will be when he or she comes to pick their son or daughter up from school.

6. Let the parent and child speak to each other on the phone if it is possible. This will help both of them to feel better, and it will help to reassure the child as well. Many times children will have exaggerated reactions to an injury because their mother or father is not around to comfort them.

By following these tips you can help to calm the parent of an injured child and make sure that a small problem does not cause unwarranted stress or anxiety for the parent or the child who has been trusted to your care.

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