The Risks And How To Deal With It


In a cephalic posture/head-down situation, the vertex (prime of the baby’s head or crown) is the first entire body section to enter the cervix in the course of labor, that means the presentation is the vertex right here.

In transverse place/ transverse lie, there are these widespread presentations/ positions:


In the correct occiput transverse posture, the baby’s proper shoulder is at the opening of the cervix.

If the toddler does not modify the placement from right shoulder presentation to vertex presentation, then the only way out is a caesarean shipping.


  • Left-shoulder presentation

The baby’s left shoulder is towards the opening of the cervix i.e. the shoulder is the 1st matter to current into the cervix rather of the head.

If your physician can modify the situation slightly also via ECV or manually(if possible) then there are probabilities you could have a vaginal shipping. Else c-area is the only secure way for your child’s shipping and delivery.

Though your toddler is in the left shoulder presentation, one particular of the largest issues is that if the umbilical twine prolapses and exits the birth canal before the newborn does although making an attempt for a vaginal delivery, then it could pose greater threat to the baby’s existence.


  • Back again-down presentation/ Back again-down transverse lie

If the little one is lying on its again with no shoulder toward the delivery canal, i.e. the baby is experiencing up in direction of your chest and back towards the start canal, then that is a again-down presentation.

This position is unattainable for labor to development in as there is definitely no way that the newborn can transfer out in this posture.


  • UP transverse position – hands & ft going through the delivery canal

If the newborn is lying on its belly with no shoulder toward the beginning canal, i.e. the baby is experiencing down – i.e. its arms and legs are in the direction of your cervix and back again towards your upper body, then that is the up-transverse placement.

There are chances that your infant may perhaps obviously go into the vertex presentation ahead of delivery facilitating a vaginal supply.

Your health care provider could also move your newborn by ECV if possible, to deal with down.

Normally, the up-transverse posture of child is future to unachievable for labor to progress as there is certainly no way that your kid can shift out vaginally even though remaining in this posture.


  • Right Occiput Transverse Posture

The right occiput transverse posture (ROT position) is when your little one is experiencing towards mother’s still left thigh. Its like the in among place suitable in between occiput posterior and occiput anterior infant placement. If  in earlier observations  your child  was in a posterior position, then turning to suitable occiput transverse placement (ROT baby posture) is a sign that your youngster is slowly shifting in the direction of using the occiput anterior posture – which is the best place for start of your youngster. 


  • Still left Occiput Transverse Place

The still left occiput transverse placement (Lot posture) is when the infant is struggling with in the direction of mother’s proper thigh. Its in essence midway in between occiput anterior and occiput posterior baby place. It is far more probably for your child to normally go from the still left occiput transverse posture (Ton toddler position) to an anterior posture – the extra desirable little one situation/fetal situation.


By the 37th 7 days of being pregnant, your doc tor should be equipped to figure out the placement of your little one.

If your baby is in a transverse placement, then they may well attempt to convert the toddler by applying demanded amount of money of force by hands on your stomach identified as as the ECV method (external cephalic variation).

This treatment will, of study course, get into thought the baby’s well being right before and after and in situation expected, a C-segment may be carried out to avoid difficulties.

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