9 Reasons We Need A Vaccine For Covid-19 Despite High Survival Rates

I was recently asked by someone who is vaccine-hesitant,

“May I ask why you need a vaccine for something with a survival rate of approximately 95% for people our age?” and I took a lot of care writing up my answer, so I thought I would share it with you. Here are 9 reasons we need a vaccine for Covid-19 despite the fact that the overwhelming majority will survive:

1. Overwhelming the health care system.

I live in the Interior of British Columbia. Our health authority is called Interior Health. Interior Health is at 98% capacity right now. Two days ago, it was 95%. Many BC hospitals have gone above capacity, and we are doing better than a lot of places in the world. In a couple of days, if our trajectory remains the same, our hospitals in the Okanagan will be over capacity. What will happen if

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