Surprising Baby Name Trends That Happened In 2020

When the Social Protection Administration releases its listing of most popular infant names in the U.S. every single year, the prime ten typically are not incredibly shocking. Just after all, Liam, Noah, Emma and Olivia have consistently topped the charts for yrs.

But when you choose a closer look at the hottest SSA data, you will find some unexpected developments. From the rise of Nova and Ezekiel to the decrease of classics like Robert and George, we’ve rounded up sixteen surprising infant identify points from 2020.

one. Ezekiel is extra popular than Robert.

In 2020, five,013 infant boys were being named Ezekiel, making it the 65th most popular preference for boys. Meanwhile, Robert ranked at No. 80, with 4,349 newborn infant Roberts.

2. Nova is extra popular than Hannah.

Nova is a Prime fifty infant identify for women, with 4,940 tiny Novas born in 2020. The identify at present ranks

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