Predictors of Depressive Symptoms in Caregivers of Children With Poorly Controlled Asthma: Is the Neighborhood Context Important?


imageLittle ones residing in lower-earnings neighborhoods are disproportionately affected by asthma morbidity and mortality. Community violence has been explored in marriage to youngster morbidity and well being and developmental results, but less is recognised about the relationship of violence to caregiver mental wellness. The purpose of this research was to study the marriage of neighborhood violent crime victimization (goal and subjective measures), perceptions of community properly-becoming and aid, and depressive indicators among a sample of mostly solitary female caregivers of youngsters with uncontrolled asthma. This is a secondary examination of baseline information attained from a randomized controlled trial of a dwelling-based environmental regulate intervention for children aged 3 to 12 many years, who have been mostly African American, and diagnosed with persistent, uncontrolled asthma. Outcomes showed that both goal and subjective actions of criminal offense, notably in those people with reasonably reduced life worry (P < .001), limited education of the caregiver (P < .001), and fewer children (P < .01) in the household had direct associations with depressive symptoms in caregivers of children with uncontrolled asthma. Neighborhood perceptions of satisfaction and a sense of community, as well as perceptions of social support, were not associated with depressive symptoms. Our findings emphasize the need to screen for depressive symptoms, life stress, as well as both objective and subjective perceptions of neighborhood violence among caregivers of children with poorly controlled asthma. Furthermore, when providing holistic care to these caregivers, stress reduction and the provision of mental health resources are paramount.

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