Is Pet Insurance worth it?

Is Pet Insurance worth it?

It is common to find reviews about pet insurance companies, including reviews about Waggel in sites such as the UK collected reviews. Upon reading such reviews, most people ask themselves whether pet insurance companies are worth it. To help answer this question, it is vital to understand pet insurance. This article discusses pet insurance.

Having a health insurance plan for your cat or dog ensures that you have peace of mind as you know that unexpected and large medical bills will get covered by the insurance. Typically there exist three pet insurance coverage types, Wellness, accident, and illness. You can sign up for either or all of these insurance companies. However, it is essential to keep in mind that all insurance companies don’t offer wellness coverage.

Illness coverage.
Typically pet insurance companies tend to limit illness insurance coverage mostly depending on the age of a pet. To ensure that you reduce exemptions that illness coverage offers on pre-existing conditions, it is important to get insurance for your pet when it is still young. Typically illness coverage covers arthritis, cancer, allergies, among others.

Wellness coverage
By having wellness coverage, you will avoid paying out of pocket each time you visit the vet. A wellness coverage will cover, Teeth cleanings, Annual exams, Routine blood panels, Heartworm treatment, and testing, Tick and flea treatments, routine vaccinations, and urinalyses.

Accident coverage
While an accident cannot be prevented, it is possible to plan into the future in case of an accident. Many pet insurance companies offer coverage for accidents, including bite wounds, torn ligaments, and broken bones, among other pressing health needs.

How pet insurance works
Pet insurance differs from human insurance in that a majority of pet health insurance plans refund the cost of veterinary care that you incur. After you’ve paid your pet’s veterinary visit first price, you will request a duplicate detailed receipt.  You will then send this receipt accompanied by a completed claim form, to your pet’s insurance company. After filing this claim, you will in a week or a month receive a refund check. The amount you receive as a refund will depend on; the exclusions and details in your policy, the cost and nature of the procedure, the deductible of your plan and allowance of your policy per procedure.

Why Pet Insurance is important

It helps you save money
When your pet has an insurance plan, it will always help you save money when your pet gets sick. Depending on your company, you will be obligated to meet specific deductibles. After you’ve met these deductibles, a certain percentage of your veterinary bill will be met by the insurance company, thus saving you having to pay the entire bill.

Pet Insurance include coverage even for hereditary conditions
Many pets suffer from congenital and other serious health complications. Some of the causes of these conditions include inheritance and severe inbreeding. Because most pet insurance has restrictions and age limits, it is recommended to get pet insurance as early as possible.

In case your pet is stolen or gets missing pet Insurance can help find it
A majority of pet policies cover the advertising cost of a missing pet. They sometimes go to the extent of taking the responsibility of placing a reward to the person who may find your stolen or lost pet.

Pet insurance provides flexible packages
Depending on your budget, you will always find pet insurance packages that are flexible. You can select from various refund percentages for services including surgeries, veterinary exams, breed-specific conditions, dog care and therapies. You can also pick an annual maximum package.

The cost of Veterinary care is rising
Depending on your pet’s illness, the average bill of a vet can range as high as $500 to $3000. This high cost has been attributed to inflation in medical technologies and drugs. Majority of pet owners can’t afford this high cost. With pet insurance, you have an alternative to these expensive bills.

Pet insurance prevents one from using their savings
When unfortunate events do happen, you don’t have to go to your savings account and drain it. Instead, your pet insurance will cover the bills, and thus you need not worry. 

In conclusion, while one may question the suitability of having pet insurance, the truth is that it is worth it. As this article shows, pet insurance has various advantages; it will help avoid expensive veterinary costs among other bills. If you have a pet, it is thus essential to ensure that it is insured.