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Currently there is no course teaching parenting skills. Parenting requires a mass of skills. No parent is gifted with all parenting skills all the time. Instead parenting skills are learned as time goes by. Depending on your child’s behavior and age, there will be times that some skills apply easily. There are certain parenting skills that are important in promoting effective discipline and raising children in a better way.

Provide a positive example

Modeling appropriate behaviors is a very important parenting skill. Kids learn from what they see and hear. Parents who are used to “do as I say, not as is do” mostly find this way very inefficient. Parents with the habit of yelling when they are hungry raise children who yell when they are angered. However, a parent who models themselves on how to handle anger by taking a break, raise children with good anger controlling mechanisms.

Manage stress effectively

Stressed parents are likely to be inconsistent with discipline or to yell. They are more likely to use punishment rather than using discipline. Parents should learn to manage stress through self care and support from family and friends.

Recognize safety issues

Parents should be able to sniff danger a mile away. They should recognize a child predator when they see one. They should allow natural consequences only if it is safe to do so and should teach children skills to make healthy decisions.

Set appropriate limits

Parents should set appropriate limits for their children, even if children protest. Setting appropriate limits means that the parent uses developmentally discipline strategies and makes sure that their children have clear rules. Effective parents are able to tolerate their children being angry with them and they focus on what is in the best interest of their kids.

Praise kids for efforts

Praise kids for the amount of energy they put in. This teaches them to be persistent and they learn that improvement is possible. If a child’s perseverance is based on rewards like praises, when they stop, the effort stops.

Enforce consequences consistently

Consistency in parenting is a crucial skill in parenting. If a child receives negative consequences only half the time only, the behavior is most likely not to stop. Parents should not just threaten consequences but continue enforcing them all through.

Choose battles wisely

Parents should be able to recognize whether a battle is worth fighting. Sometimes some behaviors are not worth fighting if they may lead to a power struggle.

Provide positive attention

Finding energy and time to give individual consideration to each child can be hard sometimes, especially when parenting many children. Finding time daily to give positive attention makes all other discipline strategies more effective.

Establish clear expectation

Make children understand what is expected of them. Parents should tell kids what is expected of them in a way that they can understand. An effective parent does not just tell her 10 years old kid to make her bed. Instead she describes it and shows how a made bed looks.

Talk to your spouse or partner

When raising children with your husband, wife or committed partners, learn to get on the same page. Discuss the desire to improve your parenting skills with people close to you, They offer support if they know your goals.

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