Iran’s coronavirus ‘diagnosis’ app looks more like a surveillance tool

AC19’s developer, Sarzamin Housmand (formerly Sensible Land Answers), is also regarded for establishing govt clones of Telegram that were not as secure as the authentic detail and were geared more towards enabling surveillance.

Although it is not apparent specifically what the Iranian govt is doing with the information, it is eager to brag about the scale. ICT minister MJ Azari Jahromi just lately boasted that hundreds of thousands of customers were distributing information, ostensibly to support create a threat map. The trouble, as you may picture, is that Iran is notorious for in depth populating monitoring and a willingness to take severe steps to clamp down on dissent. There are worries Iran is underreporting its coronavirus infection and mortality charges to preserve the visual appearance of control and quash opposition, and AC19 may perhaps support it determine exactly where some of those people opponents are likely.