My Toxic Ex Just Had A Baby With My Cousin


“I can’t believe you honestly think I would do something like that. I’m not messing around with your cousin. She’s not my type, she’s too young, and I would never stoop that low. Yes, I get it is hard to believe after everything I put you through, but you have to believe me.”

His expression of shock, pain, and disbelief seemed genuine.

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So for the last time in my life, I gobbled up his lies. I shrugged.

“Look, maybe you’re telling the truth, and nothing is going on right now, but you are playing with fire. Please don’t mess with my family. Don’t make things worse than they already are.”

I didn’t have the energy to debate him, so I decided to move on and let the situation go.

But my family wasn’t ready to let go. I have a big family, and they had big questions. My whole family had been invited to our wedding — which I’d canceled after I found out my ex had been cheating on me for five years. So it was weird for everyone that he kept popping up in my cousin’s company instead of disappearing from our lives.

One auntie bluntly asked me about it. I told her they were just friends. “We talked about it, and he said he’d never stoop so low.”

My aunties aren’t stupid. They knew damn well he was stooping lower than ever before, but there was no proof — yet.

Then out of the blue, my ex called me.

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