How to Make Your New Spouse the Best Step-Parent for Your Kids


The best step-parents will leave the most memories in a child’s lifetime. It’s up to the parent and their new spouse to ensure they make the most memorable memories together.

Open communication lines must be established right from the start. Here are some tips on how to make sure your new spouse is the best step parent ever.

  • Talk to your new spouse and your kids about their expectations. How would they like to be treated by the other person?
  • Clarify upfront that there should be no disrespect from either of them.You don’t want to be caught in the middle of that.
  • Decide how you will handle misbehaviours. If you as the parent should step in and exercise a punishment on the child or if the step parent will take the task upon themselves. Make sure you feel comfortable with them giving out punishment to your kids.
  • Do they know what they want to gain from the relationship with your kids? Explain this to your kids so they know what they will gain from the new marriage.
  • Tell your spouse what your parenting style is. Do you agree on the same parenting style? You can’t be a relaxed parent and your spouse is more strict. Find the balance so your kids feel balanced about the new addition to their family.
  • Talk to your kids about the new spouse and what they feel their expectations are for the new person. Should it be more of a friendship role? Or would they be okay with a more parental approach from your spouse.
  • Establish the boundaries and levels of respect. The child may not speak to the spouse disrespectfully and your new spouse must be aware that the kids are a part of you and deserves to be respected as well.
  • Tell the kids that the new spouse loves them. Remind your spouse to show them that they love them. Let them be friends first and foremost especially if your kids are in their teens.
  • When children are in their teens or older it becomes more difficult for them to accept another parent role in their lives then the role of the step parent should be more of a friend or confidant.
  • Your child will be upset about the break up of their biological parents but talk to them so they understand that your previous marriage didn’t work out because mom and dad couldn’t work things out. Show them you love your new spouse now and that they make you happy. Make your kids feel your happiness by making them a part of it. They should not be made to feel like outsiders to your new perfect marriage.

Should an argument come about, do not choose sides. Your child and their new step-parent should learn to respectfully fix it themselves.

Whatever you do, don’t compromise on respect then you will see what a blessing a step-parent can be.

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