How To Get My Baby To Sleep At Night


The most common thought running in parents’ minds is ‘how to get my baby to sleep at night.’ If your little one is a night owl, then I don’t blame you. Sleepless nights can make any parent’s life a living nightmare.

You try all in your power but all your efforts go in vain. No matter what you try, your efforts seem to have the opposite results. Your baby is wide awake and cranky as ever. What are you doing wrong? There are many ways you can try if you’re wondering how to get my baby to sleep at night.

The key is to stick to a routine and it will benefit you in the long run. We will tell you a few basic steps that you should incorporate daily to wield you fruitful results. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Keep Feeding Time During The Day Lively
The most important thing for your baby is to know the difference between day and night. This will set your baby’s internal clock and will make bedtime a piece of cake. To achieve this, make feeding time during the day as lively and filled with action as possible.

On the contrary, make feeds/meals at night time calm and quiet. This will help your baby in understanding the difference between day and night. After the night feed, your baby will know that it’s time to sleep and won’t put up a fight. This will help with your query on how to get my baby to sleep at night.

Bath Time

Make sure you incorporate a daily bathing routine before you put your baby down for the night. After you’re done bathing your baby, you can continue with a light massage. Your baby will automatically feel relaxed and be ready to hit the sack in no time.

Sticking to a proper routine is crucial. This way, your baby will automatically know after every bath that it’s time to go to sleep. Make sure you keep this routine short and simple. Your ultimate goal should be to relax the baby and not excite him/her.

Snuggling In The Cot

The last step is to place your baby in his/her crib. Then let the baby sleep by themself. If your baby cries, go back and observe if everything is OK. Your baby should be able to fall asleep independently.

If you continuously pick your baby up, he/she will never be able to fall asleep independently. Babies need to know that they don’t need mommy or daddy every time they wake up. They should learn how to self soothe.

Another crucial factor to consider is your baby’s age. You cannot expect a newborn baby to mold into the routine that you are trying to set. Babies achieve different milestones at different months according to their age. Don’t put undue pressure on them.

Parenting is, without a doubt, a tough cookie. If you take everything at a calm pace, you will notice everything fall into a set pattern. Just be patient. We hope we have given you awesome tips regarding how to get my baby to sleep at night.

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