Bruce Willis As a Celebrity


Beginning his career with the hit detective show Moonlighting, Bruce got the reputation of being difficult from that show. The show ended after having four successful seasons on air. It was said that the main reason behind the show ending were the big creative differences Bruce was having with co-star Cybil Shepherd and the Director of the show.

Bruce has many a times has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. He has had a lot of drunken escapades. Bruce was once the brand ambassador of Seagram’s but was removed after he was caught driving drunk. One of his neighbors had complained to the police against a party the actor was having at his house. The police were sent over and it was reported that Bruce had a minor scuffle with one of the officers. In many interviews in sporting events that Bruce likes to go, he has appeared to be drunk during those interviews.

Contributing to his reputation as a loose cannon Bruce, a big supporter of the New Jersey Nets was at a game on 29th April 2007. He was interviewed by a news channel and at the end of the interview uttered the famous catch phrase of his Die-Hard character John Mclane “Yippikayay Mother Fu**er” on a live television interview. There was a huge backlash from the media and the public, Bruce blamed the whole incident on jetlag.

He had once famously done a strip tease act on The Late show with David Letterman to promote Demi Moore’s movie Striptease. He has also hosted the late show in the absence of good friend Letterman.

Charity work has also been high on his list of things to do. Bruce runs the Bruce Willis Foundation that supports young people through monetary contributions. The Organization helps youngsters reach their full potential and get ahead in life. Another charity he supports is the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition who provide training and support to hospice teams when they are attending and caring for a dying child. He is also an official spokesperson for the Special Olympics.

Bruce has been one of the very few vocal supporters of guns and the Republican Party. He once said in an interview that if common folk were not allowed to carry guns then only the bad guys would be having the guns. Bruce actively campaigned for almost all the Republican candidates except for Bob Dole; he had criticized his then wife Demi Moore for her role in Striptease. But in 1998 he clarified in an interview that he was apolitical and did not support the Republicans, but only some of their political ideologies.

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