Day: June 15, 2020

Why Raising Kids To ‘Not See Color’ Doesn’t Help Fight Racism

In reaction to just about any story about how to elevate anti-racist little ones or about the discomfort Black mom and dad come to feel possessing “the talk” with their young little ones in advance of they come to feel all set typically comes the acquainted chorus: “I’m teaching my little ones that we really don’t see color.”

Or, “In my spouse and children, we really don’t ‘see race.’”

Or, “In my dwelling, we’re ‘colorblind.’”

Professionals have regarded and said for a long time that this “colorblind” ideology doesn’t do the job. However it persists, typically amid white family members who consider that by expressing they really don’t observe race they are embracing diversity.

But as poet Nayyirah Waheed has created: “Never have faith in everyone who states they do not see color. This signifies to them, you are invisible.”

Here’s why mom and dad will need to prevent elevating

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