10 Positive Parenting Solutions for Bad Parenting


One of the joys of life and having children is being a parent. Your children are influenced by you in so many ways that your actions as a parent can either lead to good behavior or to poor behavior. If you feel that your child’s behavior is a result of bad parenting, then here are 10 positive solutions for bad parenting.

First, realize that in order to have a good relationship with your child, you are to be a parent first, and not their best friend. There must be a separation between you and your child. They must understand that you and they are not equals. There must be an absolute boundary between you and them.

Whether your child is very young, a pre-teen, or a teenager, it is important to establish good eating habits. Many parents buy fast food instead of providing nutritious home cooked meals. There are hundreds of short-prep meal-time dinners that can be made to ensure your time freedom, and their nutritional needs.

A third way to positively parent your child is to make sure they are doing their homework. Be a part of it by helping out when you can. Praise them for not only doing it, but for doing a good job.

Social media has taken not only a hold of kids, but the majority of society. Many kids will spend most of their time texting their friends instead of having face to face conversations or even talking on the phone. Give your child a time limit which will restrict their use of social media and enable them to make personal connections.

A fifth way to positively parent your child is with curfew or time limits they can be out away from home. Time away from home is important but make sure they understand the limits imposed on them for their own safety and well being.

Play. Playing with your child makes them feel good about themselves and you will enjoy spending time with them. Laughter is great medicine.

A seventh way to positively parent your child is by just having conversation. Ask them about their day, whether it was a good day or bad one. It lets them know you care.

An eighth way to positively parent your child and to reduce bad parenting is by not buying everything your child asks for or demands. This will teach them they can’t get everything they want and will have to earn things that aren’t necessary.

A ninth way to parent positively is by giving your child chores around the home for an allowance. Give them money for earning it.

A tenth way to parent positively is to give your child hugs and tell them you love them. Young or old, they all need it.

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