The miracle of life!

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: The Miracle of Life

Being pregnant is a beautiful and joyous time; however, it comes with many expenses. From doctor appointments to baby clothes and equipment, there is always something one will need to buy. Maternity clothes are another essential aspect that women must add to that list. However, once one has spent a fortune on maternity clothes, those clothes will lie around and gather dust after birth. So instead of not wearing these clothes again, follow some helpful guidelines on how to style the maternity clothes so one can wear them time and time again even when one is not pregnant. Also, suppose one is planning on keeping the maternity clothes to use at a later stage. In that case, it is crucial to see what types of clothes are out there, so visiting sites like Momcozy will help one know what types of items can be purchased and possibly repurposed after the baby is born. In addition to that, reading some customer review sites will let one understand what companies offer the best quality clothing and value for money. 

Style those maternity clothes and ‘create’ a new wardrobe

The first and most common way to repurpose maternity clothes is to look at having alterations done and taking the garments in to make them smaller and fit again. However, often, one cannot afford to do this, or the specific style of the garment does not allow for alterations. If this is the case, other options exist to reuse the clothing. The first and most important accessory one can use to style outfits is the belt. A belt is a great way to take in any top or dress at the waist. Depending on the dress’s size, the belt will create a look of pleating in the skirt, or one can puff the top of the dress or shirt over the belt. For example, if one has pants with too big a waistband, one may use a belt to pull them in and make them fit again. In addition, a tight shirt can be worn over the top of the pants holding them in place. 

Let the styling continue!

Layering is an excellent tool for winter and can be easily achieved with maternity clothes. One can opt to wear the more oversized maternity clothes underneath and then wear a tighter-fitting shirt or jersey over it, slimming down one’s overall look and the bulkiness of the outfit. In addition, one can embrace the bulky style while wearing a tight-fitted shirt underneath, sticking it out at the bottom, and using a chunky jersey over it to create a relaxed and comfortable look. Furthermore, depending on the style of the top, one can pull the sides into a knot. Not only will the top take on a new fashionable style, but the knots will also reduce the shirt’s size. 

Give those maternity items a new life.

So do not throw those maternity clothes away. Instead, give them another chance by embracing some of the styling tips above to ensure you get the most extended wear out of the maternity clothing possible! Not only are you not wasting clothes, but you may discover a new wardrobe for possibilities! 

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