When kids watch a lot of TV, parents may end up more stressed — ScienceDaily

There is certainly bad news for parents who routinely plop their kids in front of the Tv to give on their own a break: It might essentially conclusion up leaving moms and dads additional stressed.

Why? Simply because the additional television that kids enjoy, the additional they are uncovered to promotion messages. The additional promotion they see, the additional likely they are to insist on paying for goods when they go with their parents to the keep — and probably make a fuss if instructed “no.” All that, researchers say, may possibly add to parents’ in general tension levels, very well beyond a single procuring journey.

The results occur from a College of Arizona-led study, released in the Global Journal of Advertising, that explores the possible outcomes of children’s television viewing habits on their parents’ tension levels.

“The additional promotion young children see, the additional they talk to for

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