9 Things I Miss About the Office Now That I am a Stay-At-Home Parent ::

Everyday Friday

Now every single working day is casual Friday and placing on jeans (that applied to be dressy casual but now have slime-eco-friendly finger-paint on them) no extended presents me the frisson of enjoyment it applied to. Regrettably, my family members roundly rejected the concept of obtaining Tuxedo Tuesday and Wetsuit Wednesday to blend factors up. Fedora Friday got some traction, but then came the great lice scare of 2020, so now I have to settle for Stained-Shirt Sunday.

The match of whodunnit making an attempt to figure out who could have potentially stolen my lunch.

Now it is normally the exact perps, so it is a lot less like a match of Clue and additional like a match of conceal and request fulfills the ground is lava in which I test to obtain a place in the again of the fridge with out spilled applesauce where I can

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