Texts During the Pandemic: Part II ::

“Hey, you. All great? It really is only Working day Three of 4, so am great. Working day 4 is when the stability recommendations, and every little thing falls apart. Certainly you’ve seen the sample? For genuine, it’s a detail. I am going to text you tomorrow…you are going to see.”

“Alright, I am coming more than but I am going to provide my individual chair. And food items. And mask, naturally. You do? You have masks for site visitors? Jesus. How are we even good friends, and do you have pink types?”

“Working day 4…how goes it? Hell in a handbasket, correct?”

“I gave up fucks all over mid-June, I think. Like, I was that individual carrying pajama bottoms to Google meetings, and for genuine, I do not think I cooked a first rate food till, oh…what is actually today?”

“The fuel station on Cannifton, past the rink, has

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