NFL reportedly wants Apple to be the next home for Sunday Ticket

The NFL’s long-standing Sunday Ticket partnership with DirecTV is coming to an end, subsequent the two arrived at in 2014. The viewing deal is likely on the go and the league has reportedly picked its desired new residence for Sunday Ticket: Apple.

It would not appear to be probable that DirecTV, which has been one of the NFL’s key Television partners for just about a few decades, will renew its offer. The NFL is searching for north of $two billion per yr for Sunday Ticket rights, according to , which is at minimum $500 million much more than the satellite organization is at this time paying out the league.

DirecTV has long been shedding dollars on the deal. It needs five million Sunday Ticket subscribers to cover the recent fees, nevertheless  noted the figure has been nearer to two million on typical. Mixed with a perception that the NFL is

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