Several people cited at street takeovers overnight, including man with baby in his car


Authorities responded to yet another series of street takeovers that took place overnight in Los Angeles. 

Three separate instances were reported to local law enforcement, all within a 10-mile span. Several citations were issued, as the local attempt to crackdown on such events continues.

The three sideshows took place between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., and were located at:

  • W. Century Boulevard and S. Western Avenue;
  • E. Manchester Avenue and S. San Pedro Street;
  • W. 54th Street and S. Normandie Avenue.

Footage from the events shows flipping doughnuts, circling onlookers, passengers hanging from windows and pointing lasers at cars and helicopters. 

The aftermath was just as visual, with parts of tires and skid marks littering the intersections where the street takeovers occurred. 

A series of attendees and participants were handed citations by responding police officers with Los Angeles Police Department, including one man who was pulled over as he shone a laser pointer at the LAPD helicopter overhead.

Officers located a small child inside of his vehicle, who was presumably inside as he participated in the dangerous driving stunts as well. 

LAPD has yet to confirm if any arrests were made as a result of the multiple takeovers.

As usual, many residents were distressed by not only the lack of legal ramifications the participants face, but that they’re able to get away with it continuously. 

“There’s places to go where you can do that kinda stuff,” said Erik Valencia, who works at the Shell station near where the takeover on W. 54th Street and Manchester Avenue occurred. “On a busy, busy main street, that’s just dangerous for everybody.”

Some people are just used to it. 

“I believe they had a little event last night over here,” said Jerry Johnson, who was helping a local business owner put some advertisements at her local business back up after they were torn down by street takeover participants. “Stuff just got kinda wild. What can you say, this is the neighborhood people are going to do what they want to do, so what can we do”

That business owner, Winketka Vaden, is just fed up. 

“No respect. They have no respect for our citizens, our community or the neighborhood,” she said. “I feel like these people are coming from other cities and destroying our community. When is enough gonna be enough?”

These takeovers come less than 24 hours after CBS reporter Laurie Perez witnessed a pair of different street takeovers that took place in the same area Saturday evening and video posted online showed a single vehicle performing doughnuts on the newly opened Sixth Street bridge

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