Pliko P3 Strollers – Funky Pocket Pram Not Short on Perks


Rounding out baby goods store lately? By now you must have an idea of prices and features ordinary strollers sold in the market today. You must have just come across Peg Perego Pliko P3 strollers in many rounds you.

The Pliko prams, as I want to call them, are among the top industry of prams. Functional, durable, comfortable and easy – features are what sets Pliko P3 strollers buggies among other baby prams.

Weighing only 16 pounds, it is a baby stroller easy indispensable designed to suit our lifestyles and busy modern. This is not an adventure to say that babysitting is easy-peasy!

Suffice it to say, Pliko stroller is an all-around. If you’re lounging in the yard with your kids bouncy, a walk in the park or a quick run to close shop, or travel miles to see Gramps life away, cart is just dandy.

My most favorite features include:

• Hood and pockets converts into a canopy for protecting baby against the sun, in one easy unzip.

• Optimized easy portability, with one-hand folding.

• Travel-system compatibility. Viaggio car seat can easily be attached directly to Pliko retractable anchors.

Due to its aluminum frame, it does not carry the weight of other large strollers while still being durable and strong. Parents will find it easier to handle and mover the Pliko P3 strollers, because of its height adjustable and ergonomic handlebars and the wheels actually complete with lock-in for good ride.

If you and your child love to go out most of the time, routine weekend activities such as picnics, malling, and other fun activities, you must have thought of adding more to your chikabiddy go-about.

Expanding in terms of features and functions, that is.

Peg Perego strollers are easy to expand and accessorize according to the new needs of your child. A closer look at its features will say it is designed with our modern needs in mind. That alone is value for money.

How about when you have a second passenger in the trolley? Pliko P3 has a built-in rear foot board for a safe and comfortable ride for an older child on a hitch.

Detachable water bottle holder is depicted in the cart too, and a front tray for quick snacks and play.

Storage is not a problem. Baby stuff purses or diaper bags and toys can be thrown in the storage basket underneath for safe keeping.

Strollers Pliko P3 is probably the most aesthetically blessed (in other words, funky) stroller I’ve seen in stores recently. It’s hot-off-the-shop look is really not bad. The fabric is gorgeous, smooth and comfortable and the paddings are of superb quality. It’s quite fascinating.

There are 10 color combinations to choose from and my favorites are kiwi and Tropical. There are other strong colors and also smarter, whichever you prefer.

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