Owlet Cam 2 now knows if your baby is actually crying


Owlet is back, with an upgraded version of their nursery camera that now has AI smarts. The Owlet Cam 2 can decipher the babble of sounds from the little one’s room, and decide if they’re crying or not. Pretty neat stuff.

We loved the first Owlet Cam, and it’s still in daily use in our house. That’s because of the image quality, from the 1080p HD camera which also has 4x zoom and night vision.

The Cam 2 doesn’t change that. You also get temperature and humidity monitoring for the room, which is great to see.

The AI part of the camera records little video clips that show your little one’s behavior just before they start to cry/wiggle/fuss. That lets you figure out your baby’s needs earlier, so everyone can sleep more soundly.

owlet 2 baby cam
Image: Owlet

The other cool thing is that you can use the Owlet app to track your baby’s sleep patterns and wake windows. This can be done manually by entering their nap times.

When paired with Owlet’s Dream Sock, the app can also automatically track sleep. Then the app can predict when your little one is going to be getting sleepy.

The whole point of that is to bundle them off to bed before they get overtired. Trust us, you don’t want that, as overtired babies tend to sleep for shorter periods of time.

Predictive sleep is coming via a firmware update today, July 13. That will be available to all Dream Sock users, new and old.

The Owlet Cam 2 costs $159 and comes in multiple colors now, not just white. Those are Sleepy Sage, Dusty Rose, and BedtimeBlue. You can snag one from either Amazon or directly from Owlet.

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