Nintendo Switch update 10.0.0 | Engadget


The latest software update for Nintendo’s Switch consoles has arrived, and version 10.0.0 is finally ready to fix an issue that has plagued the system since it debuted: moving games between internal storage and an SD card. Until now, if a game was in either place and you wanted it in the other, then the only solution was to redownload it. Now Switch owners can move “downloadable software, update data, and DLC” with ease — game saves and some update data is still excluded.

Another change should make gameplay accessible for many people, since you can remap the controller buttons, similar to a change Microsoft made on the Xbox One a few years ago. According to the notes, up to five stick and button configs can be changed for each paired controller, as long as it’s a Joy-Con, the buttons on the Switch Lite system or the Nintendo Pro Controller.

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