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For Intercontinental Women’s Day, we gathered up some quotes and mantras from regional mothers that we wanted to share with all the astounding girls out there! 

If talking kindly to crops helps them mature, picture what speaking kindly to humans can do.

Anna Maria

Be brave sufficient to suck at a thing new.

Anna Maria

We can not clear up our challenges with the same considering that developed them.

Anna Maria

Almost everything happens in phases. And the phases will normally move, great or bad. So, experience out the lousy ones and cherish the superior kinds!


“Long story shorter, I survived.” It will help me neglect about all the little matters – the aches and pains and body weight acquire and every little thing else most cancers stole from me.

And for my daughter, I normally remind her that my motto for her is “Though she be but minor, she is fierce” by Shakespeare. She is tiny/brief for her age but is a firecracker! When she doubts herself, this is what I remind her.


In my ear, “You are not potent ample to endure the storm.”

Today, I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I am the storm.”

Anna Maria

The Ideal Terms

You will obtain the right text

Just you hold out and see

They are going to be falling from the rooftops

On a blossom covered breeze

And the music you need to listen to

It will be singing by way of the trees

Are you listening?

Don’t you see?

You are on the ideal route

You will realize

The tears are there to go away you

With a brighter pair of eyes

And the suffering that you’ve been combating

Is an angel in disguise

It is enjoy

And really like is sensible

Throw your coronary heart into the ocean

Toss your coronary heart into the sea

You will find that all the suitable words

Just appear out normally

There is continue to time to see,

Nonetheless time to imagine

That a doorway at last will open up where by doubt and

Darkness utilised to be

And that the paradise you long for

It really is underneath your ft

Whatcha runnin for?

Where’ve you been?

Toss your coronary heart into the ocean

Toss your coronary heart into the sea

You will discover that all the appropriate phrases

Just appear out the natural way

“The tears are there to leave you with a brighter pair of eyes”, “Still time to consider that a doorway at previous will open the place question and darkness utilized to be”

Ugh I just love the whole track. It’s just a reminder to a) cease and odor the roses and b) cease doubting by yourself.


Men and women will adore you,

Persons will dislike you,

And none of it will have anything at all to do with you.

Anna Maria

You reap what you sow.


If you want something, go get it.

You will never ever know if you don’t test.

Perform tricky, participate in difficult.

Are living in the instant.

Tomorrow is another working day.

Allow in go, permit it go… that a person may be from Frozen.


Learn to let go of the things you can not command or adjust.


Tomorrow is a new working day. You can start out fresh.


Daily life is like a box of sweets, you under no circumstances know what your going to get.

Life is a book, Some people opt for the freeway, Some pick the scenic route. It does not make it excellent or bad… just various.


You opt for what you don’t improve.


How persons treat you is, normally, a reflection of how they experience about them selves.

Anna Maria

This too shall pass.

And my all-time fav: Phony it till you make it.


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