Hammer Time! – Dad and Buried

I wasn’t absolutely sure I wanted a 2nd child. Today, that 2nd kid turns 6.

I absolutely did not want a significant age gap between my young ones. He was born additional than 5 a long time soon after my initial.

I also preferred a girl. My new 6-calendar year-old is boy #2.

Welp. Designs are stupid. Expectations are stupider. (Of course I know it is not a term, get off me!)

Years back, I wrote a blog site post about how, inspite of my anxiety and trepidation about having yet another kid, none of that mattered the moment he was born.

The pressure did not go absent, definitely. Truthfully, it in all probability bought even worse!

Income acquired tighter, room received smaller, the foreseeable future turned even additional fraught. But that stuff, when frequently thrumming in the background, is no match for the happiness The Hammer provides me – and really much everybody – on a everyday foundation.

The age hole actually worked really properly (at the very least at initial). Owning a 5/6/7-12 months-outdated who can entertain himself (study: run the Tv) comes in quite helpful when you will need to feed/modify/maintain a little one or deal with a mostly helpless toddler.

He may possibly not be a female, but he’s continue to a good deal diverse than his older brother. They both of those prefer their mom – my makes an attempt to get snuggles from The Hammer are an work out in desperation and futility – but his individuality and pursuits are exclusive to him.

He has a delighted-go-blessed attitude, seemingly obtaining escaped his dad’s – and his brother’s – moodiness, he worships snakes and sharks to an alarming diploma (we viewed Jurassic Park for his birthday and he regularly cheered for the raptors – even all through the child-stalking kitchen scene!) and his desire in sporting activities lastly provides me anyone to share my Dolphins-based distress with.

I’m not gonna sit listed here and lay out all the motives The Hammer is distinctive – not only is that unexciting AF, it’s way off model! – but suffice it to say I’m no for a longer period uncertain about owning a second kid.
In simple fact, I couldn’t imagine daily life with out just one.

Delighted Birthday, Hammer!

To quote Will Smith: Daddy loves you! Daddy loves you!

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