Funny Mother’s Day Poems Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Smile


If you want to make your mother feel special this Mother’s Day – and isn’t that the point? – consider writing a poem just for her. If writing isn’t in your universe of talents, there are always flowers, perfume, and candy. If you mom has a good sense of humor, you can make a point of finding a funny Mother’s Day poem on the web.

Flowers. There are some 20,227 florists in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau. Just about all of them will be working overtime to fulfill Mother’s Day orders. Does your mom like roses? Carnations? Daisies? Wildflowers? Couple your floral gift with a found serious or funny Mother’s Day poem — or with one that you write yourself, and you have a gift to remember.

Perfume. There are about 13,591 cosmetic or beauty stores in the U.S. (Census Bureau), and perfume is also a gift of choice. You know your mom best. And once again, a serious or funny Mother’s Day poem or card is an essential addition.

Jewelry. Now this is a more serious gift, and often one given by a husband to the mother of his children. But also, it can be a gift from older children as well. Lasting and memorable, jewelry is an excellent choice.

Greeting Cards. There are 12,765 Americans working in the greeting card industry, according to the U.S. Census, and their output is well appreciated. For an even more personal touch, you could try writing a serious or funny Mother’s Day poem of your own. It costs nothing but your time, and the results can be priceless in your mother’s eyes. Or, you can find free serious and funny Mother’s Day poems on the web. If the terms of use apply, you can copy them and add a personal salutation to let your mom know just how you feel.

Whatever your choice, best wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!

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