Constipation Solutions for Breastfed Infants


If you thumb by way of most publications about breastfeeding, you are not probable to find a part on constipation. This is due to the fact correct constipation in a completely breastfed baby is incredibly uncommon. In simple fact, most gurus concur that if a breastfed toddler is constipated, there is a thing medically wrong.

Breast milk is a natural laxative having said that a breastfed toddler may grow to be constipated thanks to the introduction of foods or system. Components in unique is constipating. If you have not long ago began providing your child formulation, this may possibly be the motive for the constipation. The solitary ideal solution is basically extra breast milk.

Good reasons for constipation in a breastfed newborn:

1. Disease that requires healthcare care (contact your health practitioner!)

2. Method consumption

3. Starting off solids


1. The American Academy of Loved ones Doctors defines constipation as a hold off or difficulty in defecation (pooping) for extra than two weeks. In a new child (much less than 6 months previous), the AAFP recommends that mother and father contact their doctor if their infant has experienced much less than five bowel movements for every week in excess of a two-week period

2. Hard, pebble-like stools

3. Extreme straining and crying in ache. Some straining, grunting, and fussing is ordinary. Babies are studying how their bodies get the job done. Grunting, straining, and fussing that final results in a delicate bowel movement is not constipation and does not want to be handled.

Treatment/Procedure for infants young than 6 months:

1. If you have been solely breastfeeding, phone your physician correct absent. This could be a signal of a additional critical difficulty and your newborn needs to be evaluated by your wellness treatment experienced. Constipation alongside with weak spot, a weak cry, and reduced consuming could suggest botulism. Even though really scarce, this is a daily life threatening disorder and involves prompt health care treatment.

2. If you were furnishing system as a supplement, but mostly breastfeeding, prevent supplying the system and solely breastfeed. Cow’s milk protein is pretty irritating to a baby’s tummy and intestines. Supplying only breast milk will enable sooth that discomfort.

3. If you have been formula feeding, get started breastfeeding (if your child is considerably less than 2 weeks previous) or get the help of an Intercontinental Board Accredited Lactation Specialist (IBCLC) to re-lactate. Even if you have never breastfed in advance of, you will most probable be capable to develop milk. If breastfeeding is basically not an selection for you, use donor breast milk. You can possibly call a milk financial institution (this could be costly) or you can request a reliable buddy or family member for some of her milk.

Some health treatment vendors discourage making use of un-processed breast milk since you could be exposing your newborn to medications or health issues through the donor milk. Having said that, if you believe in this human being and their child is healthier, you most probably have almost nothing to worry about. This could be a fantastic use for the frozen breast milk of mates who are not certain what to do with their surplus supply. Even though you can try an alternate system, they are not derived from human milk, thus it is probably the issue will not be solved or could even get even worse.

Toddlers more mature than 6 months:

1. A lot more breast milk! If you are in the system of weaning, go again up on the quantity of feedings for each day right until the issue resolves. Back again down on how a lot foodstuff or system you are offering. See a Registered Dietitian to talk about sound meals that are significantly less constipating for your toddler.

2. Time. Typically, constipation will go away without any aid from distinctive foods or medicines. While there are about the counter treatment options for constipation, discuss to your wellness treatment company prior to making use of them. Repeated bouts of constipation can be a indicator of a much more critical trouble.

3. If you are certain it is constipation and you have acceptance from your health treatment provider, the American Academy of Household Physicians states that “Mothers and fathers may perhaps give infants 1 oz of sorbitol-containing juice (this sort of as prune, pear, or apple) to address constipation.” This should only be given to babies in excess of the age of 6 months.

4. Some well being care companies suggest offering corn syrup for constipation. This is not required as the other remedy options described will normally work improved. Having said that, if you do come to a decision to give your little one corn syrup, place 1 teaspoon in 2 oz. of water. Do not set the syrup right into formulation or pumped breast milk. Corn syrup is effective by drawing drinking water into the intestines and stimulating the intestine to move stool on by means of. It is simple to overdo the corn syrup and result in diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance. The two of these troubles can be damaging to your little one.


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