4 Money Saving Tips for New Moms


A new baby brings lots of joy and excitement to a family. It also brings lots of new expenses for diapers, food, clothing and medical costs. This can equate to a drastic change in the financial situation of the family.

Moms will scramble to find ways to save money, so that they can make the family’s income stretch as far as possible. There are lots of ways, but some are easier to do consistently. Here are some of the best things that moms can do when they are making room for their new baby:

1. Clip Coupons: Coupons have certainly made a comeback in a major way, and more moms are using them than ever before. With the economy getting worse, clipping coupons has become necessary in order for the average family to make ends meet. There are several ways to collect coupons. Moms can collect coupons by collecting the Sunday newspaper circulars. They can also find coupons on the internet. Many moms belong to couponing forums. You can join coupon clipping websites or go to manufacturer’s websites and Facebook pages to find coupons.

2. Buy Second-Hand Items: Buying “second-hand” almost seemed synonymous with poverty a few years ago, but now it’s almost trendy. There are consignment stores cropping up everywhere and they won’t accept torn, stained or broken items. There are lots of name brand clothes and popular baby gear to be had in these shops. You will find nice cribs, toys, bouncy chairs, Peg Perego high chairs, strollers by Maclaren and Joovy, snow gear, nursing items and the list goes on. Take the leap and check one out, you might be surprised at what you find.

3. Check your local Craigslist “Free Stuff” section: Anytime someone moves out it seems like there are lots of items they can’t take with them. You can find the most amazing things being given away for free, and the kicker is you are also doing them a favor by hauling it away. Items are often large furniture items, décor and the like. Save some big bucks on these items by getting them from the free classifieds. Word of caution: be careful not to put yourself in danger by going into a stranger’s house alone. Take a friend or spouse with you. Often times, free items are left curbside and there is no need to go inside.

4. This one may seem counter-intuitive: Buy high quality baby gear

Yes, when shopping for baby gear, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars by choosing products that will last for several years. Avoid buying items that will only be used for a few months or for a short period of time. For example, every new mom needs a stroller. Having a newborn, you really need a stroller that holds the infant carrier too. But maybe you are also planning to have more kids within a few years. If so, you really should consider purchasing a stroller that will accommodate your plans. They make these tandem strollers that have a seat in front for a baby or infant carrier and a standing platform and seat in the rear for an older sibling. These strollers are a little more expensive than a regular stroller, but you will only have to buy one and it will be useful to you for several years.

The same goes for cribs. If you can, buy a convertible crib that converts to a toddler bed. They too are a little more expensive, but not by that much. Plus, you will really save a bundle by not having to buy a second bed in the future.

They are now making convertible high chairs as well. They start off as a high chair and convert to a booster when the child is older. Buying these types of products saves hundreds of dollars in the long run and are well worth the investment. Not only will you have these items for a long time but they are quality products that will last better than cheap ones.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for moms to save money. With a little research, effort and creative thinking, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on items for the kids.

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