4 Common Grandparenting Mistakes You Should Avoid


Very much like being a parent, being a grandparent is a tough but very rewarding role. If you’ve recently had a grandchild, it would be natural to expect that your child (the new parent) may turn to you for plenty of help, advice and support. They do need you to be there, but don’t be disappointed when they don’t show as much enthusiasm as you would expect. Remember, being a new parent takes a lot of easing into.

To keep family relationships stronger than ever, here are 5 common grandparenting mistakes you should avoid:

Interfering with how your kids raise their children

Times have changed and so has parenting styles. Try not to judge the small and big decisions that your child makes when it comes to their own child. Even if you don’t agree on something, don’t impose your opinion on the new parents. You can lightly make a suggestion, but otherwise, just be supportive and offer compliments on their efforts. Remember, your job is to be a grandparent, not a parent.

Forgetting the word NO

People say that the difference between being a grandparent and a parent is what they do for the grandchild is a choice, not an obligation. The new parents will need all the help they can get, especially during the first few months. You can offer your time when you’re free, but learn to say no – don’t feel like you are obligated to spend all your time with them. The same goes with your gifts and finances.

Being competitive

Both sets of grandparents will surely be excited upon the arrival of the new addition to the family; and many become competitive thinking “I’m the better grandma” or “the baby likes me more than her other grandpa”. Avoid this type of thinking – it will only result to our children feeling alienated and your grandchild feeling uncomfortable. Just think that the more caring and loving adults there are in the child’s life, the more he/she will grow up to be good.

Disregarding parents’ rules

After a few years, your grandchild will start visiting you at home more often and even start spending nights there. You may have different rules in your home when it comes to kids, but never disregard their parent’s rules at home. If they’re not allowed sweets after 7 at home, don’t give them any at yours and making it a secret for you to seem cool. Respect their home rules.

Avoid these common grandparenting mistakes for a continious harmonious family relationship!

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