Day: August 3, 2022

Baby Steps: Despite recent changes, Louisiana struggles to recruit foster care workers and parents | The Latest | Gambit Weekly

Brandee Sandusky and her husband Rhett had been certified as foster parents for less than 24 hours in February 2018 when they got a call from the state about a newborn baby girl.

“We got certified and got our first placement that same day, which hints to how great the need is in general,” she says.

Though their goal in fostering was always reunifying children with their birth parents when safe and possible, as Louisiana teaches in its foster care training, after two years of fostering her, the Sanduskys ended up adopting that baby girl — now a giggling, tutu-wearing 4-year-old.

Following Madison’s adoption and the birth of their youngest daughter, the Sanduskys opened their home to foster children again this year. They knew the need for homes was still there, and they wanted to do their part in providing a safe place for these children.

But they quickly learned

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