Month: February 2021

Hitting the Books: The Brooksian revolution that led to rational robots

We are living by way of an AI renaissance believed wholly unimaginable just a several decades in the past — vehicles are turning out to be more and more autonomous, machine discovering techniques can craft prose nearly as well as human poets, and practically each smartphone on the marketplace now arrives equipped with an AI assistant. Oxford professor Michael Woolridge has spent the earlier quarter 10 years studying know-how. In his new e book, A Brief Historical past of Artificial Intelligence, Woolridge leads visitors on an enjoyable tour of the record of AI, its current abilities, and the place the field is heading into the potential.

Flatiron Guides

Excerpted from A Brief Historical past of Artificial Intelligence. Copyright © 2021 by Michael Woolridge. Excerpted by permission of Flatiron Guides, a division of Macmillan Publishers. No section of this excerpt might be reproduced or reprinted with no permission in

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