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We crowdsourced our groovy (?) YMC bloggers and employees to reminisce about their childhoods and inform us:

You Know You are A Child Of The ’70s If…

You recall when Meatloaf was additional than a poor justification for a dinner.

You recall polyester pant satisfies and you however think Danny and Sandy have been the best on-screen pair, at any time. 

You have fond memories of sleeping beneath the stars.

You experienced a temper ring and a pet rock. 

You essentially utilized an Easy Bake Ovens.

You willingly ate pop rocks.

You purchased sea monkeys from the back of a comedian ebook.

You recall getting a “cable box” as an alternative of a remote to improve channels and it was attached to your Tv set with a cable that stretched throughout the home.

Your history player that performed vinyl documents was housed within the best of your Tv set.

You wore a Peter Pan collar. Bonus points if it was environmentally friendly and brown print!

You uncovered to type on a typewriter, not a keyboard.

Your favorite things provided your Muppet lunch box, your Hollie Hobbie purse, and klick klacks. 

You can recall when seat belts have been optional.


You rode a yellow banana bicycle.

You know who shot J.R.

You couldn’t wait around for Saturday evening so you could look at The Really like Boat (Gopher….swoon) and Fantasy Island back-to-back.

Your ideal Xmas existing at any time was SIMON.

Your bed room wall décor highlighted a poster of Sean Cassidy putting on a shiny satin jacket and a person of a kitten hanging off a tree branch with the phrases “Hang In There, Child.”

You as soon as wrote a letter to Eric Estrada.

You utilized a rotary cellphone. 

You experienced a Big Wheel. 

You experienced a Dorothy Hamill haircut.

Your home crops have been in plant holders that you macraméd.

Your bell-bottomed denims and gouchos have been awesome and knickers have been pants that came to just beneath your knees, not underwear. And they have been potentially purple corduroy.

You have been a very little little bit place…or a very little little bit rock and roll. 

You recall watching Star Wars from the bunk in your parents’ Winnebago at the travel-in movie theatre.

You experienced a bowl slash and have been dressed in unisex clothing.

You performed exterior till dark—usually on roller skates—without a treatment in the entire world. Or a helmet. You have been a “no cost-range” child ahead of it turned trendy. 

Are you a kid of the ’70s? Share your memories with us!

Or are you are kid of the ’80s? 

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