What Makes Durable And Hard Wearing Bathroom Tiles?


You have tiled your bathroom floor and wall with quality bathroom tiles that are good looking and glossy. But do you know that your beautiful tiled floor is still prone to water and moisture attack. There are many tile manufacturers in the market and every company boasts of delivering high end product. Do you think that you should believe every word uttered by the companies to sell their products? Slabs no doubt enhance the beauty and strength of the floor and walls but they should be strong enough to withstand mild acids and heavy flow of water. In this article we will discuss the traits that make a product perfect for use in bathroom.

The real estate experts maintain that a good bathroom can add value to a home while a less hygienic bathing place will devalue a unit. Homeowners choose to use slabs on bathroom floors and walls for some reason and most of the times this reason is guided by beauty and not strength of the bathroom. There are many kinds of slabs available in the market but not all of them are perfect for use in the shower area. Bathroom tiles should be strong, non porous and slip resistant. These traits are common in almost every kind of slab. For bath area, we need a product exclusively made for bathrooms.

When searching for bathroom tiles, the first product that looks suitable is ceramic slabs. Made of clay and quartz and heated on high temperature, ceramic pieces are very strong in nature. They are non porous, can withstand heavy weight and support the feet. In addition to being strong, they are beautiful too. You will be amazed to know that ceramic slabs don’t lose their shine and luster even after coming in contact with mild detergent available in soap and shampoo. Ceramic pieces are certainly a perfect choice for bath areas.

You may find ceramic bathroom tiles some expensive but these slabs worth the money. You can use them without any worries over wall, in the shower area, on the floor and on the vanity top. These tiles are very strong but still they need to be grouted for additional safety. Grouting can make a weak slab strong. The bathroom receives maximum water hence you need to ensure safety of your bath area. Coating the bathroom slabs with sealant will ensure that they are not harmed by flowing water.

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